About us

Electrical Lines an organization which has been started by Mr. Arvind Srimal, a 1st generation entrepreneur way back in 1983, it started as Industrial Electrical Business, and has very successfully completed the journey of 26 years in the Electrical Business. Electrical Lines very quickly adapted to the changed business environment as per time, potential and opportunities available in the market place, and shifted to Cable Business and later become a complete Electrical solution providing organization, started in a very vintage location of Secunderabad market, Electrical Lines has been instrumental in creating an Electrical market cluster in Secunderabad in and around Ranigunj and RP Road for Electrical Products mainly cable and lighting.

Mr.Arvind Srimal has been a visionary in true sense and has completely redefined the electrical business from a traditional business approach, the organization has been strongly focused on the philosophy of Team Work, and valued people as a Key Resource. The Value system embedded by the organization has ensured that the Individuals were motivated, and dedicated to a high level of achievement. Each of the individuals have been a part of the organization and moved up the ladder. The performers within the organization were professionally evaluated and were rewarded handsomely and in a timely manner, The passion and the commitment which the employees display within and outside the organization is something which most of the professionally managed organizations envy. The organization has truly believed in sharing its wealth among its employees and the philosophy of “Together We Grow” was imbibed in the business philosophy, this was also deeply embedded by the Management in true Letter and spirit.

Electrical Lines has promoted Companies Like Fortuneart Electricals and Lighting Pvt Ltd, Fortuneart Gifts, Vimal Power Lines, AP Lines which are closely held group firms doing related businesses like Cables which include Domestic, LT, HT Wires and cables representing companies like Universal Cables, Finolex, Finecab, Siechem. Lighting business represented by companies Like FortuneArt, Philips, Venture Lighting, Osram Lighting. Fans represented by Almonard fans, Fortuneart. LED Lighting which is clearly Next Generation Lighting system has been a main focus area for future growth within the organization, and the organization is heavily investing to build the Business of LED lighting across the country by building the Brand, as well in Moving higher volume, through, Increasing range and reach.

Electrical Lines In Keeping with the business Needs has invested heavily in IT and has a very Robust ERP Based upon Oracle to conduct its business and the entire billing and accountancy is based upon this ERP, This system links all its branches and division and its server is located in Ranigunj.